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Smartbill knows that ICT expenditure is a significant portion of total business spend. Smartbill will apply its proven line-by-line proprietary analytics software, exhaustive expense management strategies and skilled billing analysts to reduce your telecom expenditure and provide you with a clean and hygienic billing environment.

As a leading provider of Validation, Optimisation, Benchmarking and TEM Platform services, Smartbill is continually collecting, monitoring and reviewing carrier products, pricing, plan structures, carrier contracts, carrier procurement systems, carrier billing systems and carrier billing data. This is what we do every day.

Our deep understanding of carrier billing, carrier systems, contracts and expense management strategy allows us to maintain extensive knowledge of:



Ensure your carrier billing is accurate and compliant to the terms specified in your carrier services agreement. Effort is put into negotiating the pricing and terms in your carrier services agreement but rarely does anyone check that the carrier is actually billing you correctly. We can assist.

It is very common for carrier billing errors to occur including missing discounts, credits, incorrect call rating and carrier provisioning errors. It is common to find errors that can total anywhere from 5%-25% of the bill value.

Our Bill validation service will check every line item of your communications bills against your contract to validate all usage and charges.

Smartbill’s unique automated rate-checking engine will validate that all your interactions have been rated correctly by your carrier, and all due discounts and credits applied.

Our analytics system can recommend changes to your telecoms arrangements and shows the specific savings that can be achieved.

Smartbill has been a leader in the analytics of communications usage data for over 15 years. Our specialised analytics engine can identify and report on the significant patterns in your communications usage and associated charges. We can map this against your contract to systematically validate the accuracy of your bills.  We can also predict the parts of your usage curves which carry the greatest cost and we can recommend on plan and option changes, which can significantly reduce your communications spend.

We base our success on the accuracy of our validation, which in turn maximizes outcomes for our customers.

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