Why Smartbill?

Our industry experience, along with our proven analytical software, and detailed knowledge of carrier agreements and plans gives our clients the assurance they need. 

Our clients are confident that they have chosen the right partner to manage all their analysis and audit requirements. Our efficiency and detailed analytics make us a leader in the market today.

Smartbill Accuracy – Line by Line Analysis

Smartbill’s methodology and approach to telecommunications auditing is the most accurate and efficient amongst our competitors.  We base our success on the accuracy of our analysis, which in turn maximises outcomes for our customers. We have invested heavily in the development of our carrier grade call rating software, which differentiates Smartbill from our competition

Smartbill Line-by-line analysis results in close to 100% of all Smartbill’s credit claims returned to our clients without question and without delay. With our analysis we know exactly what the credit amount should be and will not settle for less because we have the workings to substantiate our claim.

Smartbill have maintained an excellent name with Australian carriers with an extremely high accuracy with the return of carrier credits, as our workings provide complete transparency.

Smartbill always suggests to organisations to ask their potential analysis partners if they are providing a true line-by-line re-rating service. Without a true line-by-line call re-rating engine, any claim amounts should be taken with a grain of salt, as they can be based upon ‘data sampling’ and/or ‘simple rate comparison/calculations’. Billing Analysis is Smartbill’s core business.

Line by line

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Smartbill Efficiency

Smartbill perform hundreds of complex billing analysis requests each year. We provide our customers with an established and proven methodology that ensures your analysis requests can be turned around within 5-7 business days of the required inputs being received.

All our findings and recommendations are presented face to face, with professional reports with detailed workings to substantiate all our findings.

Smartbill also include cost benefit analysis, and an action plan to implement the required changes and realise the proposed savings.

No one in Australia can turn around detailed telecom analysis in this time frame with the same accuracy as Smartbill.

End to End Management

Smartbill will perform analysis, provide a report and then continue to work with you to ensure your proposed savings are realized efficiently and accurately.

Smartbill stand by our line-by-line workings and are on the journey with you and provide you with a true end-to-end service, which includes:

Smartbill’s End-to-End Managed Service is highly valued among our customers and provides a unique service commitment to support the Expense Management solution.

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