Telecom Expense Management

Ongoing telecom expense management

After Smartbill have Benchmarked, Validated, and Optimised your telecom billing environment, we strongly recommend that formal recurring processes be put in place to maintain the clean billing, and ensure your services are routinely and uniformly managed, and optimised for ongoing cost certainty.

While ongoing Validation and Optimisation analysis (at regular intervals) is recommended, Smartbill also recognise and promote the benefits of an Expense Management Platform (SaaS Solution) to allow your administrators to gain consistent visibility and control of your Billing and Expense Management.

Please ask about our comprehensive SaaS Expense Management Platform for more information.

Chart of total expense management

Some benefits of our Expense Management Platform include:

Please ask about our comprehensive SaaS Expense Management Platform for more information.

Smartbill TEM

Smartbill’s Telecom Expense Management solution implements comprehensive management of all your telecom expenses across your organisation, imposes the structured approval workflow desired by your organisation, and provides online, cloud-based self-service for your Cost Centre Managers and employees to identify, organise and manage their expenses on an ongoing basis.

This service makes ongoing detailed calculations and logical inferences on your organisation’s telecom expense data to provide reports and recommendations for the optimisation of your telecom expenses.

It interfaces to an organisation’s financial management system or ERP to provide data directly to the General Ledger on all expenses. It also integrates directly into HR systems to enable direct transfer of human resources data.

Visibility – Analysis – Insight.

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