Delivering telecom cost certainty and savings

Independent Validation, Optimisation & Benchmarking

We provide independent telecom bill analysis & advice.

We help our clients to gain an accurate view of their costs to provide them with levers for improvement.

We save our clients money by verifying that they only pay for the services they have signed for and by ensuring that they are benefiting from the best deals from their current carrier or versus other carriers in the market.

Challenges that we can help you with

Ask us about our Benchmarking, Validation, Optimisation and Expense Management Platform services

The Smartbill Expense Management strategy

Smartbill will consult with you on four key expense management strategies to identify and exhaust all savings opportunities in your telecom environment, and then provide you with expense management tools to effectively maintain, and administer your optimised billing environment. 

Identify and remove errors in your telecom carrier’s billing.

Validation of your telecom bills will ensure that the rates, discounts, billing rules and contract terms specified in your contract are applied correctly in your monthly billing.

Identify and remove all forms of wastage in your billing environment.

Removal of all forms of wastage, identification of savings and new efficiencies in the use and selection of your current telecom carrier’s plans, products and services.

Ensure you are on the best available market rates.

Benchmarking of your current telecom deal versus other ‘in market’ pricing offers to accurately model, evaluate and negotiate the best deal. Turn up to the negotiation table with knowledge of how each competing offer compares and what pricing is required to win your business.

Maintain your clean, error free and optimised billing environment with a TEMs Platform Solution.

TEM Platform management provides you with complete visibility of your telecom billing environment, powerful administrative tools and exhaustive billing and expense management reporting to effectively interrogate, administer and manage your billing environment.

We currently serve many clients across government and the private sector.

Why choose Smartbill?

Independent icon


Independent auditor & advisor.

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In-depth telco expertise.

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Powerful data analytics & tools.

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Cost savings

Identify & exhaust all your savings opportunities.


Consistent application of ISO27001 Information Security and Privacy Standards for the handling of your sensitive information, both during and after your engagement.

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

Complete Expense Management solutions to keep your telecom costs under control month to month.

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