Smartbill provide a seamless end-to-end management experience during your engagement.

The Smartbill team will consult with you to ensure all your analysis objectives are clearly understood, and any complexity surrounding the engagement is fully managed by the team.

Smartbill are on the journey with you and provide you with a true end-to-end service, which includes:

Our Implementation process can be broken down into 6 key steps, as follows:

Kick Off Meeting
  • Meet the team
  • Stakeholder introductions
  • Review engagement scope and customer objectives
  • Schedule recurring meeting requirements
Data Collection
  • Collection of analysis inputs, for billing period to be analysed
    • Relevant itemised billing data
    • Relevant Carrier Services Agreement/s
    • Relevant carrier reporting
  • All collected data is loaded into Smartbill's proprietary re-rating engine where line-by-line analysis is performed on your telecom billing
  • Smartbill Billing Analysts review, scrutinise and apply quality control on all system outputs
  • Smartbill Reporting is produced
Present the findings
  • Smartbill present our professional analytics reporting, including Return on Investment (ROI) analysis to the stakeholders
  • Stakeholder Questions/Feedback
  • Transparency provided on all Smartbill workings, conclusions, and recommendations
  • Service Level Mapping to be provided (for savings implementation purposes)
Implement the agreed recommendations
  • Smartbill ensure the proposed savings outcomes are achieved efficiently and accurately as per our reporting, by working closely with your underlying carrier to implement the agreed changes
Service Guarantee
  • Smartbill will monitor the new billing environment (post implementation) and proposed savings for the next 3 months, and ensure you have access to adequate tools to maintain the new clean, error free and optimised billing environment.
  • Smartbill will provide expert advice on free carrier tools and/or Enterprise TEM Solutions to maintain your billing environment
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5
Stage 6

Our robust proprietary re-billing engine will analyse your carrier billing environment as far back as you would like. We proudly stand by the accuracy of our proprietary re-billing software which has served Australian organisations including enterprises, government and carriers, since 2006.

We currently serve many clients across government and the private sector.

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