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Vehicle Fleet Tracking

Maintenance Monitoring

Vehicle Fleet Console is a centralized console for monitoring, managing and optimizing a fleet of vehicles.

Management of the maintenance needs of a vehicle fleet is difficult. Information is often delayed, data is not consolidated.

Best Solution

Vehicle Fleet Console solves this problem by smashing the model of after-the-fact reports and difficult-to-digest data, by giving vehicle fleet managers near-real-time information on the whole fleet, in one click.

Uses Smartbill’s tiny (< 70 x 50 x 30mm) on-board telematic monitor. Connects to OBD port. Suitable for all vehicle types; no out-of-service period for installation. Combines data from OBD, GPS, GPRS and from internal accelerometer to ensure accuracy.


Kilometers traveled by every vehicle in fleet, in near real-time


Engine hours for every vehicle in fleet, in near real-time


Monitor your fleet on the map, in near real-time

Instantly identify vehicles approaching maintenance limits

Profile normal usage by geographical routes to determine acceptable use limits

View all vehicles in one place, in one go

Reduce waste by identifying under-used vehicles

Set maintenance alerts based on km traveled, by engine hours, or combinations

Quickly identify unusual usage, inappropriate usage, policy compliance

Use analytics to spot fleet trends

Control Your Fleet Effectively.