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Telecom expense management arrives on campus


Telecom expense management arrives on campus

Sydney University implements Smartbill telecom expense management


Sydney, July 27th, 2015: Sydney University has become the largest Australian university to date to embrace end-to-end telecom expense management.

Smartbill has been engaged to manage the telecommunications expenses of the university, helping to eliminate admin, reduce costs and free up university staff to focus on education-related activities.

For universities, an end-to-end system for expense management is the best way to accurately account for telecoms expenditure, especially across the mobile fleet. Typical savings identified by Smartbill range from 5% to 35% of an organisation’s telecom spend.

A large research university, Sydney University has over 50,000 students and 3,000 staff and a significant network of complex communications.

Under a multi-year contract, Smartbill provides analytics on the department’s usage patterns and spend patterns, with rolling optimisation of services to ensure world’s best value. Smartbill’s automated analytics engines provide the speed and accuracy required to deliver complete line-by-line validation efficiently and quickly.

“Smartbill has worked extensively with various universities” says Sam Ayad, Smartbill CEO, ”Smartbill’s comprehensive services manage all aspects of telecoms expenditure, across both services and equipment and across fixed, mobile and cloud.”

About Smartbill

Smartbill manages the communications of businesses and governments. Smartbill’s solutions procure, secure, assist, control and govern over 500,000 devices and connections for large organisations in the East Asia and Pacific region. Large enterprises and governments trust Smartbill to manage all aspects of their communications assets, usage and expenditure, to simplify their operations, improve service and contain cost.

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