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Mobile Expense Management

Mobile Fleet Console

Mobile Fleet Console is a centralized console for monitoring, managing and optimizing a fleet of mobile devices, both domestically and internationally.

Governance of mobile device usage and expenditure within an enterprise is difficult. Data is not consolidated, usage information is delayed, price effects are not clear.

No Problem!

Mobile Fleet Console solves this problem by smashing the model of after-the-fact rating and difficult-to-digest data, by giving mobile fleet managers real-time monitoring and control of the whole fleet, in one click - including international roaming.

Accessible as a mobile app and from the desktop, Mobile Fleet Console makes real-time rating on the handset a reality, not just for one device, but aggregated across the entire fleet.*

Available for iOSAndroidWindows

* Mobile Fleet Console requires registration and activation with Smartbill before use.


Consolidated fleet view of all devices, Portable console app


See asset under/over use Real-time alerts on use, trends, risks


Purchase and change pricing packs as you go, Tune contracts on the fly

Eliminate International Roaming bill shock

Instantly identify high users in a group

Spot users approaching plan limits

Profile real usage by job function to determine acceptable use limits

View all devices in one place, in one go

Spot under-used plans and re-size to reduce cost

Reduce waste by identifying under-used devices

See costs in dollars, in real-time

Quickly identify unusual usage, inappropriate usage, policy compliance

Set system alerts based on use, trends and risks

Use standalone, or with Smartblll Manager to benefit from:

  1. Services catalog
  2. Asset register
  3. Bill validation

Control Your Fleet Effectively.